Round the World in 40 Climbs: Episode 8: Robbed and Llullaillaco

When researching my book I was shocked to find a sorry of proof of one of the first mountains ever climbed. Rather than recorded history this was archeological evidence. When in the 1990’s a research team found some children on the summit of a 6800m mountain in the Chilean Andes.

I set out on what was an expense but wild adventure.

Guided Vulcan Llullaillaco

If you would like to be guided up this near 700om remote trekking peak then we offer a unique opportunity to go explore the interior of the Atacama. We fly to Antofagasta and hire a 4×4 and then head into the outback to a remote mountain hut and acclimatise on smaller peaks for a week before heading up the mountain.

This is a bespoke trip and requires permit which must be applied for months in advance. It is not just a walking holiday but something of an adventure. As you’ll get to drive off road and feel like a true adventurer.

The cost of the trip will be in excess of £3000, although if you have a group this cost can be split. The find out more or to get a more exact quote email us


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