Round the World in 40 Climbs: Episode 18: Cliffhanger on Vajolet Towers

Have you ever watched cliffhanger? Who hasn’t to be honest. Well the right hand tower was climb in the 1890’s solo by a 17 year old school boy. SO following in his footsteps I headed there to solo the route. I scared myself here, so much I stopped soloing these historic routes and instead headed straight to Chamonix to go bouldering and sports climbing with a friend.

Cliffhanger Adventure in the Vajolet Tower

Have you ever dreamed of climbing remote and exposed limestone towers. Well this is your chance. With all the Vajolet powerless than 300m from the nearest Mountain Hut/Hotel. This week will see you climb each of the towers and ascends some of the via ferreta and routes in the areas.

This 7 day course costs £2800 and we can take up to 2 people on this amazing adventure. The hut fees will not be included.

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