Cirque of the Unclimabables: The Lotus Flower Tower

Over the years having visited many places to rock climb the question of the best route often crops up. For me, there has always been one route that has stood out as the best I have ever climbed, The Lotus Flower in the Cirque of the Unclimbables, Canada. In part because of its quality and in part because of its remoteness. Above all its lengths means that for a fit team of climbers it is a very good day out. I first heard of the route in a slideshow by a climber, and having seen the photos and heard it described as the best E1 on the planet I thought I should at least try and find out more.

The year was 1998 and the internet was still reasonable young and certainly not at the state it is today with lots of online resources instead there was a lonely website by a George Bell. The info was there but it was suitably raw to make the whole thing seem like a big adventure. With the photos from this website, I managed to convince a team of judges from the Welsh Sports Council that they should part fund the trip with an overseas expedition funding they had at the time. The rest seemed to fall into place and within 6 months we found ourselves out there amongst the alpine meadow and sheer granite walls.

I bought a miniDV camera and then edited a short film on a friends iMac. Having put up the How to Big Wall article I was reminded of this former life I used to live and thought I should go back and rediscover it not through words and photos but the short films I made years ago.

Book the Climbing Adventure of  Life Time

A holiday or more appropriately expedition to the Cirque of the Unclimbable can be arranged for anyone who can second E1. If you lead that grade then we can help facilitate you climbing as much of the route as possible, because this will just add to the adventure and experience for you.

Such an amazing route comes at a price though. Flights to Canada, and internal flights and if you want to make your life easier and help you feel like James Bond we recommend a helicopter drop off. There would also be food and guiding fees of £1000 for the whole trip. It would take roughly 2/3 weeks to guarantee a weather window, and there are other routes to do in the area if we get lucky.

For an individual, this would cost around £5000. But we price up each expedition and trip individually. It is possible to take two people up this route which can bring the individual cost down.

The find out more email us or visit our sister site Snowdonia Mountain Guides to find out more about our guided Lotus Flower Tower Expedition.



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